The Fundamentals Of The Roulette Technique Of Progressive Bet


As a spin-off to the above-mentioned strategy, the Progressive Bet Roulette has been created. Although the strategy from Reverse Martingale is mathematically fine, I do not agree that it will be the chosen alternative for many players who do not like the idea to put the whole win in a single bet from previous spins or otherwise.

The Plan for Progressive Bet is also focused on increasing bet sizes, but not on so many. This technique would only succeed by betting a fraction of what you won in the previous round instead of wagering the full sum of your winnings.

Let’s take an example to explain items. Only imagine a player 12Joker Malaysia who begins with $100, then positions a $2 simple bet size on Corner bets. They bet 2/3 of the money they won the next round each time they draw. This could look like your gaming strategy:

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  • A Corner Bet of $2 is made by the team. They are able to win $18 for 4/37 (including their initial stake).

  • If you win, you put a wager of 12 dollar (2/3 or 18 pounds) to win 108 dollars.

  • Winning again positions a $72 (2/3 of $108) bet for a $648 opportunity to win. You will stay like that until you lose or win an amount of money you don’t want to wager.

  • They revert to the $2 original bet and continue from there whenever they fail.

The Progressive Bet strategy, one of the most interesting choices from the 27 different combinations of the bet types, simple bet sizes and multiplication factors (2/3 in this example).

The radical Bet strategy and the reverse Martingale strategy have very substantial variations. Only two potential scenarios were possible in the above approach – either you met (or even exceeded) the goal value or missed something.

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There is no plan, as already described, which is acceptable for everybody. Each player has its own roulette technique with its own pros and cons

The assumptions are as follows:

  • In all cases, the Constant Bet approach can be used and still be incredibly stable and easy to use, but it won’t always give you huge winning. The opportunity to win big raises the likelihood of prematurely losing money.

  • Thanks to its self-regulative mechanism of adjusting bet sizes, the Constant Proportion strategy is a little more balanced but a little harder to use, so each game round you must determine the right bet size. After some time, though, you should be able to do it quite automatically.

  • The technique for All-In has the potential to offer tremendous wins, but also is incredibly risky, exceedingly inconsistent and would possibly earn you only one or two spins, thus play time is not optimal.

  • The approach of reverse martyrdom is the right one for me. It has predictable time, a decent chance of winning very big and is really useful. But in the majority of situations, this is not ideal for live games, because of the limited simple bet size (unless you have a very large budget), a concern because of the land-based casino’s bet size limit.


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