How To Use Your Credit Card For Online Betting: The Guide


If you are a fan of online gaming and betting, you can follow this useful guide that allows you to find useful information on using your credit card to pay bets: 在线赌场 using it is not difficult, it is as if you were concluding a transaction for a purchase of a product or service. All comfortably in a few clicks, sitting on your sofa or wherever you are from a PC, tablet, smartphone or PDA connected to the Internet, with flexibility and security. The advantages that can be used in using credit cards to pay for online bets are simplicity and convenience, peace of mind and security, protection and speed.

Betting online: using credit cards with complete safety

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All online betting sites provide different payment options both for depositing an amount of money and for placing the bet, as well as being able to collect the winnings directly.

All bookmakers accept rechargeable credit cards, much more convenient and much safer than any other form of sending / withdrawing money. Here are the main advantages:

  • Instant money transfer,
  • No connection to a bank or postal account,
  • Excellent tool for not exceeding certain limits (limit available on credit card),
  • Usable all over the world,
  • Is not subject to tax control,
  • By downloading the app version for android and apple, you can also pay from smartphones and tablets.
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To the payment methods used to withdraw or deposit money for betting must be added Skill which replaces the old Moneybookers; many online gambling sites accept, for example, the comfortable Post Pay, being a real credit card Visa Electron, allows both to pay the Bookmaker and either collect the money of s won contracts.

Online betting: guide to using your credit card

For those who are a beginner and want to venture into the world of online sports betting, they must register at the chosen betting site, where they can also receive a welcome bonus to be used for their bets, they will proceed with the opening of an online account on the site of bets and there is absolutely no direct link to your credit card or bank transfer, which can be used to pay. The account becomes a sort of virtual wallet independent of the payment systems used by the player, it is obvious that a deposit must be made to fund the online account. Deposits are made by credit card,Postepay, bank transfer,Paypal andMoneybooker, generally with all payment systems the credit to the account is immediate,and only the bank transfer depending on your bank can take 2 or 3 working days.

The credit card is a real electronic payment tool for the game, allowing you to use the sums that you decide to make available on the card, always keeping the sums spent under control. With the winning of the sums, these can be transferred directly to the card to be used to make new bets or to purchase other goods and services that have nothing to do with betting. With the same mechanism it is also possible to withdraw the sums of money won (or still available on the virtual account) from any ATM. Enjoy betting online paying with credit cards but avoid addiction.

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